The appeals courts have reinstated the ability of USCIS to apply the Public Charge rule implemented back in February. Today USCIS announced that it was reinstating the Public Charge requirements for all relevant case types.

Adjustment of Status, Consular processing and most Non-Immigrant Visa processes are effected. All I-485 petitions will have an additional requirement of including the I-944 form and accompanying evidence.  Any applications that were filed without the I-944 forms, and not yet approved,  will be sent a Request for Additional Evidence (RFE) requesting the required form and documents.  USCIS will continue to accept petitions without the forms through October 13th.  Thereafter all petitions must include the form and required documents.

We do not know if filing without the I-944 will impact the processing times for the work and travel permits. They should not; however, we do not have any confirmation from USCIS on how they process cases moving forward.